CUNY ARC Fellowship 2014-2015

Starting in August and for the academic year 2014-2015, I’ll be a Visiting Fellow at CUNY Grad Center’s Advanced Research Collaborative in New York. I’ll be working on a new book project and I’m excited to be part of the excellent DH group at CUNY, of ARC, and of the Grad Center as a whole, and to participate in the larger DH community in New York for the year.


OSLEP Seminar, University of Oklahoma

I’m looking forward to directing a seminar next month at my undergraduate alma mater, Oklahoma University’s Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program, which I took part in as an undergraduate–the best part of my college career, really, so it’s an honor to contribute to it. The seminar, on “Media, Culture, and the Digital Humanities,” meets May 12-16, 2014.

OSLEP poster

Walter J. Ong Memorial Lecture

I’m looking forward to visiting St. Louis University next week to give the sixth Walter J. Ong Memorial Lecture on “The Eversion of the Network and the Emergence of the Digital Humanities” (Wednesday, March 26, 4:00 PM). The lecture is sponsored by the interdisciplinary Ong Center for Language, Media and Culture.

Citations sighted

Over on the Tumblr for The Emergence of the Digital Humanities, I’ve noted a few interesting recent citations to the book, one on a British Library Digital Scholarship blog, one on a blog dedicated to the works of H. P. Lovecraft, and one on Digital Shakespeares.

The Emergence of the Digital Humanities was named book of the week this week by the libraries and publishing journal, Against The Grain.

Talk at CATAPULT Center, Indiana University

Over on the Tumblr, I note a thoughtful post following up on a recent talk at the CATAPULT Center at Indiana University.



Against the Smart City

Over on the Tumblr, I note the important new “pamphlet” by Adam Greenfield, Against the Smart City.