Against the Smart City

Over on the Tumblr, I note the important new “pamphlet” by Adam Greenfield, Against the Smart City.

Two Chapters on Tumblr

And now you can read chapters 1 and 2 of The Emergence of the Digital Humanities over on the Tumblr.

Sample chapters

You can now read the Introduction to The Emergence of the Digital Humanities at the publisher’s Website, and I’ve just posted chapter 1 in its entirety on the book’s Tumblr.

Advance endorsements

Over on the Tumblr, I express my gratitude for three advance endorsements for the book, which is now due out August 27th.

Books, ebooks, and meaningful concepts

I posted some thoughts over on Tumblr about the federal ruling against Apple on ebook pricing.

Katamari Damacy everted at London Fringe Festival

Over on the Tumblr I note (thanks to BoingBoing) an inspired hack of the great art game, Katamari Damacy, turning it into a kind of Augmented-Reality event out on the street.

New Aesthetic again

Over on the Tumblr, I notice the Vanity Fair piece published today on James Bridle and the New Aesthetic, as well as Bridle’s own latest blog post on the NA and its politics.