DH2015, Sydney

I’ve just returned from the Global Digital Humanities conference (dh2015) in Sydney, Australia, where I presented a paper on The Priest and the Punched Cards. I shared a session with Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell, who’ve also conducted research on the early history of humanities computing, including Father Roberto Busa. The discussion afterwards was lively–and very useful for me as I put the finishing touches on the book. The conference as a whole was richly populated with excellent papers, panel discussions, and posters on current work in the field, a good deal of it community-based, outward-facing, politically and socially engaged. (Keynotes by Intel’s Genevieve Bell, on robots, and Tim Sheratt, “Unremembering the Forgotten,” stood out in particular.) Geoffrey Rockwell’s conference notes, which summarize sessions he attended, can be found here.


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